About Us

TUF Cosmetics is a unique cosmetic line which offers top quality products.  Adrienne Santoleri, founded TUF Cosmetics after a 12 year career as an NBA Dancer.  During her time in the entertainment industry, she developed her love for the beauty world and cosmetology. While broadening her experience on commercial/movie sets, weddings/special events and in various salons as a free lance artist, she combined her industry and product knowledge into developing TUF Cosmetics.

The benefits of partnering with TUF Cosmetics and using our product line are outlined below:

*        Our consolidated products serve multiple purposes which reduces product costs and application time.

*        Easy storage packaging and transporting.  TUF products contain unbreakable packaging – magnetic                                palettes, plastic/metal containers and NO GLASS BOTTLES.

*        Our customizable student kits help to ensure that all students are provided with our unique TUF                                      professional products which are affordable and for some can be afforded through tuition.

*        Our products are department store quality and easy for salons, artists and students to upsell to customers                      while servicing clients.

*        Clients will enjoy the feel of top quality products for an affordable price.

“While developing a consolidated line to meet the needs of all skin types, colors and ethnicities, Giving Back and Helping Others is a big priority! It isn’t always about how much money you can give as it is about how much love you can give!

Mix the Colors, Mix the People and See the Love!”

                                                                                            Adrienne Santoleri


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